#Deals has provided Sales Outsourcing and IT Consulting Services within new innvoative solutions.

Cost Optimisation

When a company has been using the same IT system for years, cost optimizations helps the companies with IT strategical decisions to meet the changes in their new business needs caused by new IT vendor selection.

Selection of new IT solution

Based on the collected IT offers from vendors and a number of events and workshops with IT vendors, an independent assessment of possible IT solutions and IT vendors is carried out, to deliver it to the board or management of the company.

IT Strategy

IT strategy is made in collaboration with key persons in the company with to make a strategic framework based on frameworks like SAFe for a possible exchange of the IT solutions.

About #DEALS

A platform that connect companies throughcreating  new channels to get clients and build a network of products and services for Enterprise in Europe, North America, Asia and GCC regions. Add value to your customer base offer your existing or new clients access to your own branded purchase interface powered by #Deals; 1 Invoice, 1 Support Number and 1 Interface for them to access and manage their digital and IT solutions.
Our team have developed expertise from careers in IT supplier industries, providing insight that is not available to most business owners. Working with various clients and IT vendors and partners and got know-how to analyze the current IT expense situation, understand key IT requirements, and IT strategic sourcing solution that meets high quality and service criteria.
Xena Steiner

Xena Steiner

Project Manager

Xena Steiner is a project manager and a graduate
Healthcare Technology Engineer from Aarhus University.

Mubashar Rashid

Mubashar Rashid

Tech Advisor

Mubashar worked in the hyper-competitive IT services industry, He got experience with both private and public sector clients. He lead teams to contribute with 700+ M USD of top-line growth.

Tariq Beshtawi

Tariq Beshtawi

Business Advisor

Tariq is a seasoned management consulting & transformation leader advising top government officials/senior business executives in MENA region. He has spearheaded advisory and business transformation programs in Education, Technology, Health sectors with special focus on Government sector.

Mohammad Abu Haniyeh

Mohammad Abu Haniyeh

Digital Transformation Advisor

Wide knowledge mainly in areas of Digital Transformation , financials, , Sales, Projects and integrated applications, in general focusing on providing solutions including external reporting according to US as well internal reporting and analysis according to Corporate Performance Management and Management Accounting practices.

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