Do you want to sell your products in MENA region..

#DEALS is a multicultural company with employees coming from different academic and cultural backgrounds, with business experiences in both from Nordic and MENA regions and this can for sure ease the communication flow and avoid misunderstanding between the companies making business together by building outsourced dedicated sales & Deals teams.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the leading provider of Sales Outsourcing Services, Including Planning, Building and Managing Dedicated Sales Teams that Generate Immediate Revenue for our clients in Nordic and MENA region.

Commitment to our Clients

  • Immediate Revenue Generation
  • Sales & Deals Intelligence
  • Reduced Cost of Sales & Deals

#Deals is the pioneer and leader in building “Sales and Deals Outsourcing Solutions”. Their belief that accountability on a personal and business level will grow individuals as well as companies alike is part of their corporate culture. In order to maintain such a strong corporate culture with their teams across the Nordics, the executive team must lead and motivate from the top to the bottom. Getting an entire organization to stay accountable on a personal and business level requires strong and effective leadership.Our team of executives comes from diverse backgrounds, with experience at every level and their strength in communication and “Above the Line” mentality is the force that #Deals needs to continue to grow.

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WHY •We don’t want to sell – we want to add value and help grow
WHAT •Add value to the clients by leveraging others’ products/services
HOW •By delivering relevant sales & marketing services to enable focus on client’s own strengths
WHO •To companies lacking internal sales & marketing capability

•To companies in need of a rapid launch of a novel product/services

•To companies in need of global footprint expansion in areas, where they do not have sales & marketing ressources