May 28, 2016


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Sales Recruitment / staffing
We at #Deals are convinced that the sales organization is driving growth in the Nordic company. It makes recruiting people to the sales organization critical and very important. We are engaged in recruitment and staffing through headhunting to successfully identify and convince the right people in sales. Therefore, we are deals makers and our consultants are sellers and has the experience of qualified B2B sales.
To succeed, it is partly about having the ability to find and communicate with the right sales people through headhunting but also to have time to drive a lot or more search and recruitment processes. What will it cost you in time and resources to find and convince new employees? Do you have the ability to do it? Can you afford to invest in the right tools to conduct qualified headhunting?
We have helped our clients in many  cities. In addition to Dubai, Copenhagen and London, to name a few.
Contact us and we will help you to save the value of full-time, avoid common pitfalls and identify the right Sales Team to your particular sales organization