May 26, 2016


First of its kind event NorMENA connecting MENA and Nordic Companies Business People. NorMENA event in Copenhagen sep. 2017 explores the challenges and opportunities in the rapidly changing marketplace. Although the Nordic and MENA market has evolved over the past several years, the lack of data, information, and transparency pose serious challenges to market efficiency. Attendees will have opportunities to connect, exchange information and best practices, and, most importantly, further deal making during extended networking breaks and one-to-one meetings


This event would connect the companies from, the NORDIC and MENA regions. Now if you’re not familiar with the term MENA, it is the Middle East & North African Region. There are estimated to be over 500 companies attending. So you can see how much of an important event this is going to be.

We know your company has a passion for success and growth. We here at #Deals are simply offering you an opportunity to expand your business even more and maximize your contacts by the end of this event. Your services have potential in the MENA region as you may already know. so we would like to be the bridge between your company and potential clients.

#Deals would be honored to have your company at this event. We can even accommodate a guest speaker from your company to educate the attendants about your successful business thus expanding your networking and potential client range.
We in turn would simply like your company to be one of our sponsors at this event, to make sure that your company is recognized by all the attendants there.