May 10, 2016


Outsourcing Services

  • Inside Sales

    #DealsInside Sales Solutions utilize our proven and repeatable Deals Engineering process to develop dedicated sales teams for our clients. Our inside sales teams are trained and managed to provide the complete sales process from lead generation to client acquisition and account management. For our small business clients the #Deals Inside Sales Solution is the most cost effective method for client acquisition.

    Outside Sales

    #Deals is a sales & Deals outsourcing company that focuses strictly on developing dedicated sales teams for clients. #Deals will incorporate our extensive business management consulting and executive sales and marketing experience into a solution that reduces the risk for our clients. Our dedicated outside sales teams excel in client acquisition in the SMB marketplace through well managed feet-on–the-street, face-to-face and business-to-business sales teams, while offering our clients cost containment and profit enhancement solutions

    Sales Co-Sourcing

    #Deals has launched based on sales teams that are dedicated, process driven, full time sales hunters focused on generating new revenue for our clients. With our Sales Co-Sourcing Model, we focus on managing your sales teams. We use our proven methodology Deals Engineering to develop a complete selling strategy, assist you in hiring the sales team, train the team then manage them on a daily basis. We become your sales manager. Our experienced Program Managers will implement the Deals model into your company and become an extension of your management team. Many organizations do not have the sales management expertise; we bring this expertise to your team. It is not just a training program; we take over the daily management of the team.

#Deals has worked across many industries including IT, healthcare, energy, financial, travel, advertising, retail, consumer goods, manufacturing and telecommunications just to name a few.

Our proven methodology, Deals Engineering allows #Deals to build dedicated sales outsourcing solutions across the Nordics and across the globe. Our formula to success reaches across every industry and has the flexibility to expand and contract based on market demands. It reduces the cost of sales while providing feet on the street and B2B sales and Deals in 45 days or less. #Deals has built successful outsourced sales teams for some of the world’s largest companies,  and many other Fortune organizations. Our flexibility and proven process works for not only for the world’s largest organizations but it works for small organizations alike.


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#Deals has provided Sales Outsourcing and Consulting Services in the following Industries: