What is #Deals Healthcare
• The purpose of #Deals Healthcare is to market and sell new technology with digital service and IT solutions to the population, as well as professionals in the field with the purpose of transforming IT Healthcare both for local and international companies to empower patients.

• We select specific products for the pipeline based on an assessment of the possibilities for the products as well as the probability of financial gain in mind.
• We use the new Innovation technology and associate experts within specific markets to ensure the best approach to the market.
• #Deals Healthcare cooperates with companies that have know how and knowledge in the field of healthcare products, that we believe can create a value in the market.
#Deals Healthcare pipeline
• Blausen AR and VR technology, which is the leading medical library, where we have entered into an agreement for cooperation with CEO Bruce Blausen, where we focus our attention first on the Scandinavian market and subsequently on the rest of Europe.

• #Deals Healthcare is developing a unique export and business development platform, which in the future will open up for new markets for many partners in #Deals Healthcare.
Example of Blausen’s technology
• See examples of videos etc. that will be included in the Library:
• Eg. Diabetes: https://blausen.com/video/diabetes/