Connect your digital solutions to our #Deals Distribution Platform to access a global partner network .

We partner with the world’s leading IT solutions and brands to digitalize local businesses. local businesses trust us to help them digitalize their business to add value for their customers.

What you get

  • Benefit from established global buying relationships and get direct access to relevant decision makers to accelerate your growth.
  • Through our partner network you can access local businesses globally.
  • We have low customer aquestion cost with a fixed fees and no risk. You pay per new customer and can scale sales volumes up or down in different cities with full flexibility.
  • You have access to monitor all activities in real time through your partner dashboard.

How it works

With a passion for IT Solutions we have created an ecosystem of local business owners, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and distribution partners to help local businesses globally unlock the potential of digital.

  1. We identify the best IT solutions depending on qulaity,
  2. Each local business is connected to a relevant local distribution partner
  3. We identify and match the best IT solutions for each local business.

Access a global distribution network

Want to join our distribution partner network to add more value to your existing services and solutions for your customers?

  • We partner with banks holding an established trust towards local businesses to provide them with the best solutions.
  • Sales companies partner with #Deals to access a wide range of leading IT solutions relevant for their customer base.
  • We enable Telcos to provide their customers with relevant solutions to differentiate their business offerings.
  • Industry associations getting help by #Deals to help their members increase revenues, lower costs and take their business to the next level by unlocking the potential of IT and digital solutions.
  • Local digital agencies connect to our platform to get access to different IT solutions for digital marketing.
  • We have connected a wide range of companies and organizations with an interface towards local businesses.

How to get a membership in the network

If you have a digital or IT solution adding value to local businesses we can help you to accelerate your global growth.

  1. Connect to our platform by contacting us for an initial screening to establish your fit with the platform and define reseller agreement.
  2. Define packaging for your solution and provide our distribution partners with relevant sales material for your brand.
  3. Define and select distribution channels based on location/city that you would like to be presented on across our distribution network.
  4. Monitor and mange your team for quality assurance and monitor activity and sales realtime.